Modern lines, ancient traditions

BORNEO’s products are a fusion of ancient tribal art and contemporary fashion. Our products are designed and manufactured in Bali, by local artisans. All materials are completely natural and harvested locally and sustainably.

beautiful and Sustainable 

Our mission is to reintroduce traditional handcraft to western fashion. All of BORNEO's products are created from high quality natural fabrics, using techniques, such as various forms of weaving and embroidery, that have been perfected through continuous practice for countless generations. Designs focus on letting the materials show their natural beauty, merging modern minimalism with traditional patterns.

from the rainforest to your mailbox

Our core collection is a line of accessories made of traditional Indonesian rattan. This versatile and durable material has been in use for a variety of practical and artistic purposes by tribal cultures in Indonesia since prehistory. It is harvested from climbing palms indigenous to the jungles of Southeast Asia, and woven into a sturdy and water-resistant fabric. Rattan is then dyed with intricate and meaningful geometric patterns using black paint harvested from a local plant, and turned into baskets, bags, home accessories, furniture, works of art and many more things.