Behind the scenes – How are Anjat baskets made?

Did you know that traditional Anjat drawstring baskets from Indonesia were spotted in New York and Paris as well?

Cylindrical Anjat baskets have been well known for decades all over Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and mostly in Borneo. They are made of finely split rattan, which is a great natural fabric for fashion because it easily provides undyed white and black colors. It also gives the opportunity to create intricate motives with a wide variety of forms and techniques. Others, like vegetable dyed yellow and green, are harder to find but still available. The shape of the bottom part of the basket and the way it is attached to the body determines its carrying capacity, which is a key element.

collecting rattan


Why are they so popular?

Anjat bags are light and great for traveling. They are gaining popularity quickly, and were spotted in New York and Paris as well. The popularity of the traditional product comes from its unique design and decoration, practicality, and reliability. They are handmade and filled with the love and care of the Indonesian people. Working with beautiful souls who let us into their inner circle and share their culture and artisanry with us is a blessing that we want to share with all of you.



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